Perak Pakatan Rakyat state assembly speaker V Sivakumar has issued a notice to his counterpart from Barisan Nasional to appear before the powerful Committee of Powers and Privileges.

The notice was sent to R Ganesan today, asking him to appear before the committee on July 27 to address complaints that he had breached the rules of the House by assuming the post of the speaker on May 7.

In the notice Sivakumar stated that main reason for calling Ganesan before the committee was due to Ganesan's decision to invite the police into the assembly during the sitting on May 7.

Sivakumar was deposed as the speaker at that May 7 sitting and replaced by Ganesan who had then asked the police to remove Sivakumar from the assembly.

"No civilized country which practises the rule of law can condone such a barbaric act.

"Ganesan's instructions to the police is both a criminal act and a disgrace to those who collaborated with him to usurp the functions and role of the speaker in the House," said Sivakumar in the notice.

Sivakumar, who still asserts that he is speaker of the assembly - and thus the chairperson of the committee- has ordered Ganesan to appear before the committee on grounds that:

•Ganesan had no right to be in the assembly when it convened on May 7,

•Hee Yit Foong (Jelapang assemblyperson) had no right to preside over any sitting to elect a new speaker when Sivakumar was still in the chair,

•(BN Perak Menteri Besar) Zambry (Abdul Kadir) tried to move a resolution to remove Sivakumar, and

•No other motion was moved and neither was any business transacted by the sitting on May 7 except the royal address.
Ganesan: 'I am not agitated'

In an immediate reaction Ganesan however said he had no intention of attending the meeting before Sivakumar.

The BN man said he was the speaker of the assembly and questioned Sivakumar's right to issue the notice to him.

He said that Sivakumar can do as he wished but the fact remained that the majority of the assembly had voted for him to be the new speaker.

"I am at the speaker's office in the state secretariat and I am discharging my duties as a speaker.

"He cannot call for an inquiry on me. He no longer has the powers to do so," he said.

Asked of his reaction to the notice, Ganesan simply said: "Why should I react, I am the legal speaker. I am not agitated or anything over this".

"I don't just sit down there as a speaker but I go around and help the public," he added.

The notice was sent to Ganesan based on a complaint made by Aulong DAP assembly representative Yee Seu Kai.

When contacted, Sivakumar, insisted that Ganesan was not the speaker and reiterated that he will be waiting at the state secretariat building next Monday
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